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MVC stands for Model view Controller. MVC is a design structure. A Design structure is usually a code pattern that enables for common programming frameworks to become duplicated swiftly. You may think of the design pattern to be a skeleton or platform on which the application is going to be developed.


Steps to start

To completely know how MVC architecture functions, let’s consider what goes on while an HTTP request is made from a web application. When somebody clicks a hyperlink to visit a new webpage, a request is enabled to the server. The controller after that determines what webpage the consumer must go to, and what data must be sent. The app queries the right databases, and sets the generating data in to the model.

Some easy steps you have to be follow.

1. Maintain the main web page name usually as – index.php (By default execution page )

2. Make two folders MODEL and VIEW.

3. VIEW folder consist of all of the .html extension templates

4. MODEL folder includes all database characteristics according to different parameters such as insert, update, select and delete.

5. For controller you don’t need to make any folder, just one page you have to create, label as index.php, in this page you have to fetch your computer data from database and also to display on by way of active template.

Well there are lots of advantages of choosing PHP frameworks, now look at a few of the main advantages of choosing them.

1. They PHP platforms uses a number of design pattern, and whenever you utilize these constructions you have to adhere to their coding norm making your code clean and extensible for long term purpose.

2. The most popular PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Symfony follows Model View Controller(MVC) design pattern that will separate business logic from interface building the code understandable as well as extensible.

3. As everybody is able to speculate, all these frameworks include a large amount of libraries to create your work less complicated. For instance, to confirm a code don’t have create much code as you need to in normal coding condition, simply few lines of code naming the library may be sufficient for this.

4. While focusing on a sizable project in a team, this entire MVC PHP framework will be a useful gizmo for development as possible to assign a developer to build up MVC a part of a module for any developer and plug-in is going to be really simple of those created module at closing stage.

5. Such MVC framework will truly allows you to produce the project swiftly; knowing one platform well you’ll never be worried about the project timeline.

6. Many of these MVC frameworks make use of clear URL strategy making your web project search engine friendly.

In addition, if you would like charge money to guests who download or gain access to web content of the website than the software programs happen to be very useful. The concept is that you possess a single controller for example index.php that handles the introduction of apps within the platform according to justifications in the request.

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