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Good day, guys! I wished you all the best in 2019. I’m sure you’ve already set some objectives for yourself and are considering how to reach them. If learning to code or becoming a Web Developer is one of your 2019 goals, I have something exciting to share with you today: the 2019 Web Developer, RoadMap.

It is an excellent example of how to become a web developer in 2019, and it will show you how to learn and master Web Development in 2019.

It’s a collection of many routes for studying front-end, back-end, and anything else a Web developer should know. You will learn about web development and essential programming concepts that are relevant to all types of programmers.

The RoadMap is into three pieces: the first is about general abilities that any web developer should know. The second and third portions are about front-end and back-end development, two of the most important aspects of web development.

Depending on your preference, you can learn Front-end, Back-end, or both. There is no way to learn both front-end and back-end if you want to become a FullStack Web developer.

You can also select to study the framework you like in the front-end, such as React, Angular, or Vue.js; you don’t have to learn them all, just the one you choose. If you ask my opinion, Vue.js is a better choice in 2019 than the other two, although the other two are still more widely used.

By the way, you may have already seen this RoadMap. Kamranahmedse developed this fantastic visual tutorial on becoming a web developer, which you can find on his GitHub account. It’s one of my favorite spots, and I’ve saved it for future visits.

I’ve attempted to augment that section by offering links to some excellent courses and books that you can use to master the technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and libraries described in this RoadMap.

In 2019, here’s how to get started as a web developer.

Anyway, this is where you’ll begin. As I previously stated, based on your interests, you can take either the FrontendFrontend or Back-end path below. Regardless, there are eight yellow recommendations that you must acquire either way; they are the essential skills that every programmer should possess.

1. Use Git.

Version control is one of the most widely used systems. It’s simply not viable to function without Git any longer. To begin, go to Udemy and look at The Git Complete Guide.

2. Secure Shell (SSH)

It allows you to withdraw your login from another host, which is a standard networking notion that every web developer should be


(Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Hypertext Transfer The HTTP protocol is the backbone of the internet, and a web developer must be familiar with both HTTP and HTTPS.

4. Linux Command Line Basics Using the Terminal

The Linux command line is handy for any programmer, not just web developers, and I strongly advise you to spend some time learning it. The Udemy Linux command line basics course is a fantastic place to start, and if you prefer free courses, you may start learning Linux with these free Linux courses.

5. Algorithms and Data Structures

These are the fundamental components of any program. A strong understanding of algorithms and data structures is essential for landing your next job or performing well at your current one.

If you want to study algorithms and data structures, I recommend taking a programming language course you are familiar with


Data Structures and Algorithms: Deep Dive Using Java, for example, is a fantastic place to start for Java developers.

Similarly, Colt Steele’s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass is a solid choice for JavaScript developers.

Algorithms and Data Structures in Python are a good choice if you utilize Python.

You can also start with this collection of free algorithms classes if you don’t mind learning from resources.

Character Encodings, No. 7

If you’re designing worldwide applications that display data in various languages around the world, you should be familiar with character encodings. It essentially instructs your browser on how to express your info.

GitHub is number eight.

Every programmer should be familiar with Git and Github, as they are the industry standard for version control and code repository. Check out these free Git courses if you want to learn and master Git and Github.

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