Hello, my name is Christian Heilmann, and you can see me on the right.

This is a personal blog of mine. Everything on this page was written by me and is my personal opinion. Not all of the content is mine; I will applaud or criticize other people’s work. I support things I believe are beneficial, and I maintain the right to criticize things with which I disagree. I also reserve the right to ask and raise questions for you, my audience, which I have created over the last ten years.

Let me repeat: this is my personal blog, with my own content, for which I am solely responsible. Not my current employer, not my coworkers, and not anyone else.

So, if you disagree with something here, you have no right to quote it as “$business person Chris Heilmann stated” – if I speak for a firm, I will use its channels to publish. It’s a horrible idea to broadcast company content on your personal channel, as I explained in detail in the developer evangelism handbook.