Welcome to IISLogs.com

Want to recover SAN/NAS space? Tired of dealing with log files? We can help you forget about Log files!

IIS Logs is a component 100% written using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It will help effectively manage all log files related to Microsoft Internet Information Server (all versions) as well as other products logs. IISLogs will automatically compress, copy and/or remove log files on a scheduled basis. No more writing and supporting your own custom scripts.

IIS Logs offers two modes; Stand-alone EXE or Windows Service version. In keeping with best security practices, IISLogs will run on servers with UAC (user account control) enabled. (UAC). Very easy to configure, get started recovering disk space today! Download IISLogs.


  • Supports running in UAC
  • Manage Logs from other products
  • Move ZIP files to remote central location
  • Windows Service or Console App Version
  • Zip Storage Preference ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly )
  • Per Directory
  • Supports unattended installs
  • many more features