Welcome to IISLogs.com

Want to recover SAN/NAS space? Tired of dealing with log files? We can help you forget about Log files!

IIS Logs is a component 100% written using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It’s developed to help effectively manage all log files related to Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0/7.5/8.0. IISLogs will automatically compress, copy and/or remove log files on a scheduled basis. No more writing and supporting your own custom scripts.

IIS Logs offers two modes; Stand-alone EXE or Windows Service version. In keeping with best practices for a secure IIS server, IISLogs doesn’t require administrative privileges. Very easy to configure, get started recovering disk space today! Download IISLogs.


  • Supports running in UAC
  • Manage Logs from other products
  • Move ZIP files to remote central location
  • Windows Service or Console App Version
  • Zip Storage Preference ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly )
  • Per Directory
  • Supports unattended installs
  • many more features