Vista 5308 and Virtual Server 2005 experiences.

I’m passing this along as an FYI.  For those who are trying to install vista 5308(Feb CTP) on Virtual Server 2005 and running into this error.  “instruction at 0x1fee7a6d referenced memory at 0x0315bd0f (this varies) …. the required data was not placed in memory because of an i/o error status of 0xc0000010″.  You are not crazy!

What I ended up doing was un-installing Virtual Server 2005 Standard edition and downloading the 180 day evaluation Virtual Server 2005 R2 edition.  For some reason Vista requires or likes the R2 version.  Here is the link to download the Trial version.  The one thing you will have to “fake” like you are ordering the software before you can get the download link.  Just pretend and go through the process, you won’t be charged anything.  After installing the R2 version, the error disappear and was working. 

In summary

Hopefully this will save you a few hours in trying to geek on the latest Vista build!


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    An update, the install took about 3 hours. The performance isn’t the best but is faster than 5270.

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