Chapter 1 from Microsoft Visual C# 2008: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming down

Almost done with Chapter 1, few questions on things like Polymorphism, few terms that I have to remember.  The concept of OOP isn’t as foreign as it was in the past, I call that progress.  I even wrote a couple of Console applications with my 11 year old.  Man would I give anything to be young and learn OOP. I recall those days being a spunge.  I’m sure this will get A LOT harder for a newbie.  I’m willing to forge ahead.  I think before class on Thursday, I should probably read the chapter again.  The homework itself wasn’t too bad.  A couple of review questions I stumbled on was OO related.  Off to see the teacher ?  Mostly the questions where asking sample content and what should the class name be.  Umm….

Here is a link to the book  The book so far is written very nicely, I should have bought the book from Amazon, I would have saved 4 bucks, and gotten it brand new. ?   The next book I write, I should target colleges, they sell for a lot more than normal geeky books.  I’m used to the 30/40 dollar range. 

Stay tuned.

Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS