Capture a memory dump using Adplus ‘hang’ dump.

Here is the syntax to capture a memory dump using adplus (part of the debugging tools).   FYI if you need to capture a ultra large w3wp process, you will need to increase the ping timeout inside IIS so the dump doesn’t fail.  IIS will detect a ping failure, and recycle before the memory dump has finished writing to disk.  I’ve used this since IIS DebugDiag doesn’t work on 64 bit of windows server 2008.

adplus -hang -p <PID> -o path to file

3 thoughts on “Capture a memory dump using Adplus ‘hang’ dump.

  1. Brian Chavez

    What’s the difference between using adplus vs. windows task manager’s Process “Create Dump File”?

    (taskmgr > select process > right click > create dump file)?

  2. steve schofield

    The only difference is adplus allows you to chose the output folder. By default, using task manager puts in the c:usersusernameappdata.. folder. This is another option. That is all. :)

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