Beginnings of System Center 2012 orchestrator

I’ve been lucky enough to start messing around with System Center 2012 Orchestrator (previously known as Opalis).   One of my roles these days in IT is automation, automation, automation.  Orchestrator main role is to automate those tasks identified as ‘routine’.  It literally took me all of 10 minutes to download from Technet, install on my DEV system and get going.   Microsoft couldn’t have made it any easier, or should I say the people from Opalis and MS tweaked for 2012.

This is a short blog, I have a few low hanging fruit tasks I’m targeting first.  Here are a few links I wanted to pass along in my journey.   Hopefully as I’ve done with other technologies, pass any tips along! 

Orchestrator IP (integration packs) on Codeplex (The examples are really cool)

Discussion forums

I’m real new to the System Center community.  I attending MMS 2012 and went to everything Orchestrator

Few of the people to keep an eye our for is


PS – My favorite name is SCOrch.  If you perform it manual, SCOrch it! 

Happy Scorching!

Steve Schofield