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This area has several links to the most commonly ASP questions. (What is ASP?, Database, Email, Upload & more)

100+ working ASP Demo’s w/Free Code and Examples

Over 100 + Live Demos, code-tips and more. Tons of demos that you can see how they work and download to your computer FREE!! This list is constantly growing! Bookmark this page!

ASP Demos & How do I’s(Sample the demo or download the example! It’s All Free!!)

This page is a lazy coders paradise. We provide lots of working demo’s. Want demo’s to work with databases (Add, Update, Delete records and lots more!)?! We have it, you can sample each of the demos. We have also other types of demo’s working w/TextFiles, CDONTS example, Paging # of records per page, Content-linking example and more.. If you daring, download it and try on your machine! Have questions, problems email us? Want a demo, email us? It’s all FREE!!

Answer/Question resource for those tough ASP Questions!

This resource has answers to some of the toughest questions & answers on ASP. (Upload images, make a progress bar, dealing with Excel, charting graphs in HTML, to name a few..)  Each of the answers were answered by Wrox Press Authors. This is an excellent one of kind resource!

ASP Tree Navigation Controls

Since we use the Tree Control as a mean of Navigating our site. Not too many other sites do. We want to provide you a comprehensive list of FREE Tree Controls.

Each Tree Control have their own unique way of being used. Some are Database driven, single node, or whatever but they are FREE! Let us be your 1st source for your FREE Tree Control.

Database examples using ASP, MS-SQL 6.5/7.0 and Stored Procedures

Using Stored procedures in ASP are tricky, I have came up with a method that is different than the Microsoft uses and believe or not it works! And it return’s data to the page, WOW! (I couldn’t ever figure out their’s!)


This section is offers (1000’s) of links to Developer articles.  There are several topics for all areas of technology.  This section is a great resource when looking for articles, searchable too!

Unix? Linux? AIX? Running a Non-IIS platform and Want to run ASP.

Want to run Active Server Pages on a Non-IIS(Internet Information Server) platform?  We provide some information on where to look and still use your favorite platform while using ASP!