Why do I need to managed my log files?

Individuals in the Information Technology field are always being asked to do more with less, one of the biggest challenges in companies large or small is administering systems.  If a company has an implementation of servers running Microsoft Internet Information servers, log files are being created every day.   IIS provides no built-in mechanism to help manage log files, this is where IISLogs comes in.  

Our component provides a flexible solution to keep log files from taking up the entire hard drive.  One of the industry practices is to have the operating system on one partition (C:) and the data on another (D:).   This usually means the C: drive is specific one size and the D: is much larger to hold data and log files.  The default setting in IIS is to use %SYSTEMROOT%system32Logfiles which means the partition that is reserved for the operating system.  If left unattended, this could fill up the OS partition and cause issue.  Larger companies and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) will customize IIS to store log files in other places besides the default.  IISLogs is flexible enough to also handle these custom directories.