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I was recently talking with some good friends about tips for performance and what an IIS Administrator could do on the server side.  I also see this question from time to time in the forums @ http://forums.iis.net.    Of course, you should test individual settings in a controlled environment while performing load testing before just implementing on your production farm. 

  • IIS Compression enabled (both static and dynamic if possible, set it to 9)  If you are running IIS 6, check this article out by Scott Forsyth.
  • Run FRT for long running pages (Failed Request Tracing)
  • Sql Connection pooling in code
  • Look at load testing using visual studio load testing tools
  • Log parser finding long running pages.  Here is a couple examples
  • Look at CPU, Memory and disk counters.  Make sure the server has enough resources.
  • Same machineKey account across all same nodes
  • Localize content vs. using UNC based content on a single server (My UNC tag with great posts)
  • Content expiration
  • ETAG’s the same across all web-farms
  • Disable Scalable Networking Pack
  • Use YSlow or Developer tools in Chrome to help measure the client experience improvements.

Additionally, some basic counters in for measuring applications is: I would recommend checking out the Chapter 17 in IIS 7 Resource kit. it was one of the chapters I authored. 🙂

  • Concurrent Connections, 
  • Request Per / Sec,
  • Request Queued. 

I strongly suggest testing one change at a time to see how it helps improve your performance.  Hopefully this post provides a few options to review in your environment.  


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Windows Server MVP – IIS
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