W2k8 R2, Hyper V and Sysprep

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I recently bought a shiny new home desktop machine ( 6 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive) to act like a server at my house.  I installed W2k8 R2 Enterprise, added Hyper-V role.  My goal was to be able to create VM’s for testing ‘stuff’.  I wanted to create one base image, sysprep and make copies when I wanted more machines quickly.  I’ve used VPC 2007 to create one image and copy / paste the VMC and VHD files.  Hyper-V is not quite that simple (yet).  Here are the steps I used.

  • Install w2k8 r2 on the host machine
  • Add Hyper V role
  • Create a new VM to act as the base IMAGE
  • Mount an ISO version of your favorite OS (windows 2008 or R2)
  • Load the OS
  • Run Sysprep (/generalize switch enabled), Shutdown
  • Inside Hyper V manager, Export to a alternate location
  • After Export is done, copy the entire folder to your permanent location
  • Inside Hyper V manager, import the VM you copied.
  • Rename to a friendly name.
  • Fire the new VM up, run through the sysprep process and poof!
  • Make sure you chose “Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID)’ option, this is not the default.

Another tip / trick I did on my base image (first VM) I created was after I was done, I renamed the image in Hyper V manager, because when you import, the name is retained when exporting.  This helps preventing the same name VM listed in Hyper V manager. 

Here is a good article that helped me figure out using export option.


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