Standard Settings

This section provides the core functionality of IISLogs, this will allow for entire directory structures or specific directories to have their log files be monitored.  Through configuration they can be compressed (ZIPPED) and/or deleted based on an hour-based configuration settings.  The allows for certain aged files to be compressed and after a longer timeframe be deleted.  One or both of these options can be used together or separate, the individual has complete control over this. 

Enable Zip Feature – This turns on this feature, the default setting is "NO".  To turn on this feature by putting "YES", either use the IISLogs configuration GUI or your favorite text editor. 

Delete Original File After Zipped –  These setting is for ZIP feature, the DeleteOriginalFile Option will delete the original log file after being ZIPPED We strongly recommend you run IISLogs with DeleteOriginalFile left to FALSE until you have verified the ZIPPED file can be un-zipped, the logfile extracted and verified it’s ok. Default value – False

Zip Files Older Than (Hours) – The default setting is 0 (zero), the timeframe is in hours.  </b