How do I get a copy of the IISLogs component?
Visit IISLogs evaluation webpage
What is IISLogs?

This component will help administrators and developers easily manage log files created to Internet 
Information Server 5.0 and 6.0.   The component will provide configurable options compressing files 
using ZIP, and/or just deleting files after a configurable setting based on time. One of the benefits 
will help maintain and conserve precious disk space on servers. 
What platforms will IISLogs run on?

Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 
What version of .NET Framework needed to run?

.Net Framework 1.1 
What .NET language will this be written in?

Currently there is a VB.NET version, a C# version is under development 
What will this component do to the logfiles?

Based on a configurable time setting, it will zip and/or delete files 
Will IISLogs monitor multiple directories?

Yes, it can monitor multiple directories or a single directory, the preference is yours.
Can I do this same option with VBScript, pkzip or winzip?

How much will IISLogs cost?

IISLogs is priced per machine.  Visit for complete details.
Enterprise, educational and volume licensing also available (contact [email protected] for more details).  
Pricing is the same for Stand-Alone EXE or Windows Service Version.
Will IISLogs component run as a Windows Service or a stand-alone EXE?

There are three versions (A stand-alone EXE and a Windows Service) - both of these are full versions. 
A third version is a stand-alone EXE (IISLogs Lite Version).
Will IISLogs component require running as an Administrator credentials?

This still has to be worked out for configuration, the default setting is targeted NOT to require 
running as an Administrator.  It will require permissions to to the directories that Store Internet 
Information server and related log files.  Will IISLogs record logging information to central SQL Server?
This is being considered, all current logging information is stored in a configurable log directory 
located on the local machine.  Future enhancements will consider this option.  
What are the main *features* of IISLogs?
There are many options to configure IISLogs, each option provides their own configurable settings 
to provide flexibility.  The first option will allow for monitoring one or more specific