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Posted By : Forum Administrator – 8/30/2004 1:13 AM
Problem –  Solved
When using IISLogsGUI, on the Standard Configuration Tab, StandardSettings sub-tab, won’t allow the ZipRetentionPeriod and DeleteRetentionPeriod to configured correctly.  The design is the ZipRetentionPeriod has to be at least one less than DeleteRetentionPeriod.  For example you want to zip files 168 hours (1 week) old and delete files older than 1688 (10 weeks old) hours old.
Solution – Update 8/31
Integrated this into normal setup files. 
Solution – Update 8/30
Until the newest build of IISLogsGUI is released, the ONLY way to configure both settings active is download the interium IISLogsGUI @  or open iislogs.exe.config and/or iislogssvc.exe.config is using Notepad to edit the settings.  The IISLogsGUI code has been updated and will be integrated into new build in a few days.  Any questions, problems please let us know @ [email protected]

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