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IISLogs Windows Service version won’t install on Windows 2000, receives an error invalid password or invalid account, then the install doesn’t complete.

Solution w/comments

The original IISLogs Windows Service Package was setup to use an local account called LOCAL SERVICE. This local account isn’t on Windows 2000 server. This is a windows 2003 feature ONLY. This would cause the IISLogs Windows Service version not to install because the local account doesn’t exist. One of the goals of IISLogs isn’t required to run as Administrative or SYSTEM credentials. To address this, additional packages have been added to allow for different default install accounts. One installs as SYSTEM, another will prompt you for a USER.

Here is additional comments

Installing on Windows 2003 and running IISLogs on Windows 2003

One feature that we’ve discovered during the beta cycle is there is a *feature* in IIS 6. When IIS log files are rolled everyday, the ONLY permissions granted to the log files are Administrators and SYSTEM accounts. Even if you have a non-admin on the parent folder to inherit the non-admin user, the IIS Log file won’t inherit this permission. If IISLogs files is configured to run as a non-admin (LOCAL SERVICE) and tries to compress/delete the file, it won’t have permission too. The long story short, you CAN configure IISLogs service version to run as local service but the files won’t be compressed and/or deleted because of this *feature*. There are a couple of options if you DON”T want to run IISLogs as an Administrator or SYSTEM is to have a script that resets the NTFS permissions on the log files created everyday so the LOCAL SERVICE account can have access to them. Either way hopefully Microsoft will fix this problem in Windows 2003 SP 1.

Installing on Windows 2000

The default package originally available from IISLogs was to run as LOCAL SERVICE. Windows 2000 doesn’t have an local machine account called LOCAL SERVICE (Only available in Windows 2003). To get IISLogs Windows Service version installed on Windows 2000, the package you’ll need will be the one that installs by default as LOCAL SYSTEM. After IISLogs install is complete, you can change IISLogs to run as a non-administrator.  Another option is 1:create a local user that has logon as service credentials 2: Download the IISLogs package that prompts you for a user. 

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