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Posted By : Forum Administrator – 10/22/2004 8:44 PM
Hi All,
There is a new version of IISLogs Lite version available for download.  Here are some of the new features that were added to IISLogs Lite version.
-Added ability to launch IISLogs Lite stand-alone EXE from IISLogsGUI (Toolbar icon or File menu)
-Added the functionality of IISLogsGUI automatically launches during the install of IISLogs Lite
-Updated label from saying Enable ZIP Feature to Enable File compression (ZIP Files)
-Updated label from saying Delete Original Log file to Delete Original Log file after being Zipped
-Updated label from saying Zip Retention Period (Hours) to ZIP Files older than (determined in hours)
-Updated label from saying ZipFilePath to ZipFilePath(Alternate location to store ZIP files)
-Added Launch IISLogsLite to the File menu.
-Updated help documentation with latest changes.
-Fixed tab order on all tabs inside IISLogsGUI so tabbing between items works correctly. 
-Corrected a problem with IISLogsLite.exe was trying to be launched right after installed w/o first running IISLogsGUI config.  An error would occur and show a JIT error.  This was because the LogDirectoryPath variable wasn’t set.  This variable is setup when the IISLogsGUI is first launched.


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