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Thanks for purchasing IISLogs component.  This product provides a managed solution for log files created by Microsoft IIS 5.0™, 6.0™ and 7.x web servers. IISLogs is a component 100% written using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It’s developed to help effectively manage all log files related to Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, 6.0 and 7.x. No more writing and supporting your own custom scripts!  Once IISLogs is configured and deployed, log files will be either compressed and/or deleted on configured settings.   The person configuring IISLogs has complete control of the timeframe when logfiles are processed, which directories are managed by IISLogs.  One of the primary design goals behind IISLogs is to provide a flexible and configurable solution.   This guide will cover some of the features of IISLogs.  Install, Configure, Forget!

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