IISLogs 4.0 released

We are excited to announce IISLogs 4.0 has been released July 1st.  There are two flavors, IISLogsEXE (Stand-Alone EXE) or Windows Service Version.  Download a 30 day full version here   The #1 custom request has been added, compress multiple log files into a single zip file.   Here is a summary of new features.

ZipFile Storage Preference ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly )
Control your zip files retention period. By default, IISLogs creates a zip file on a daily basis. Introduced in IISLogs 4.0, there are options to zip files on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This can reduce the number of zip files created on disk. You can use IISLogs classic options to apply the same rules to all folders. The SpecificDirectories and Advanced Dir Config options are classic IISLogs options. The Per Directory (introduced in IISLogs 2.0) option allows for the same Zip options (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Using the PerDirectory option, you can apply separate rules on a per directory basis.
Per Directory enhancements in IISLogs 4.0
In addition to providing Daily, Weekly, Monthly zip options in Per Directory feature, an additional option to Preserve Directory path, this option is called PreserveDirPath in IISLogsGUI). When IISLogs compresses a file stored to an alternative location, either a different directory on the same machine or UNC path, IISLogs preserves the original folder path when writing to disk. For example, if store your IISLogs on c:inetpublogslogfilesw3svc1, when a file is stored, keeps the original log path, it would be \ServerNameShareNameMachineNameinetpubLogslogfilesw3svc1filename.zip (when Include ComputerName checked) or \ServerNameShareNameinetpubLogslogfilesw3svc1filename.zip (when IncludeComputerName not checked) When you disable PreserveDirPath, IISLogs will not retain the original folder path and write to the root of the alternative folder path configured in ZipFilePath. In this example, \ServerSharefilename.zip

About IISLogs

IISLogs provides programs to help administrators manage all kinds of log files.  Started in July 2004, IISLogs offers 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 versions.  For more information, contact us at [email protected]


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