IIS7 post #32 – Web Application Stress Tool on Vista

Tags: IIS, powershell, WAST, Homer

I was messing around with Powershell and IIS7 trying to list the executing requests.  Since my local environment isn't very busy, I loaded Web Application Stress Tool.   This tool has no problem generating enough requests.  You'll need to load one DLL called msvcp50.DLL not include with Vista.   The installer looks for this DLL.

I created a Default.asp page that writes the Date / time and hit this with WAST.

<% response.write Now() %> 

Here is the Powershell script

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom( "C:windowssystem32inetsrvMicrosoft.Web.Administration.dll" )
$sm = new-object Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager
$sm.workerprocesses | foreach-object {$_.GetRequests(0)}

Here is the WAST Settings

Here is the output from the powershell script