IIS Community Newsletter – May / June 2011 Edition

The May / June combined newsletter has been published.


Steve Schofield
Windows Server MVP – ASP.NET / IIS

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  • Andy Vosburgh said

    Hey Steve,
    I was hoping you might help me.
    I have a Windows 2000 Server that seems to have some process that is binding on boot to Ports 80, 21, etc. using and keeping other processes that need those ports from starting (IIS Web Site running on Port 80). How can I tell what process(es) have bound to these ports? I know that in higher versions of Windows (XP and above) that there are additional switches for netstat that let you see what PID is bound to a given port, but that functionality does not seem to be available in Windows 2000. Thanks.

  • steve said

    i would try something like process monitor (aka file monitor) to identify the pid. You can try turn off listening on all port 80. disablesocketpooling. google that term. it's been quite a while since working on iis 5.

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