Hosting PERL on IIS 7.x thread

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Every now and then, a thread will get my interest doing something different with IIS on  I’ve never setup PERL within IIS even though I knew it was possible to host PERL.  I figured what the heck, lets see if I can get it working even though I don’t really know how to program in PERL.  The post is asking how to secure PERL in a shared hosting model.

Forum thread on securing PERL.  As of this post, no one has responded who has secured PERL for shared hosting.  I’ve asked a couple questions for my own interest.  If you know, feel free to respond with more information.  I’d be interested.

Helpful post getting PERL setup.

ActivePERL by ActiveState

PERL information


  • Have to run app pool in 32 bit mode.  I found many reports of issues with 64 bit version
  • Run process monitor to determine exactly which folders are being blocked
    i.e the PERL folder, %TEMP% variable etc..
  • Make sure to install the CGI role service (otherwise you’ll get errors, I did)


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