Delete and File Compression Policy agreements

IISLogs believes in security and take it very seriously.  One of the reasons these policies have to be explicitly agreed upon is we want to insure before IISLogs is used, the person configuring IISLogs has performed complete testing in a non-production environment and insured the log files follow a backup strategy.

File Compression Policy Agreement

If this is the first time configuring IISLogs to ZIP files, you’ll be prompted to agree to the
ZIP Feature Policy Agreement. 
This is an explicit agreement the person configuring
has tested IISLogs in a non-production environment or is in process of testing. Also 
verifying backups are available to insure critical Log Files are available, if needed. 

Delete File Policy Agreement

If you want to enable the one of the four delete options through out IISLOGS, you’ll be
prompted to agree to the Delete File Policy Agreement.   Enabling anyone of these
delete options for the first time will prompt you.  Once you’ve agreed, you’ll not be
prompted again.  For me, I enable the Enable Delete Feature first and have it delete files
older than 10 weeks old. 
this will vary depending on your policies.

Select Enable Delete Feature option, you’ll be prompted to agree to the
Delete File Policy Agreement.  Read, chose Accept and click OK.  You’ll not be prompted

Select Enable Delete Feature, fill in Delete Retention Period (hours) I put 1688