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   Posted 7/20/2004 11:37 PM (GMT -4)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.


  • Version 1.2.1 released (Stand-Alone EXE and Service version)
  • Fixed issue with Stand-Alone EXE and Service version regarding trialware time period logic and dealing with certain locales.  This will allow non-US and other ‘locales’ to use the 30 day trial period without receiving an System.DateTimeParse.GetDayOfNNY error when running the second or later time after successfully installing the trial version.  This wouldn’t be a problem for clients who have replaced the trialware ‘lic.txt’ file with a purchased copy no matter what ‘locale’ being used. 


  • Version 1.2.0 released
  • Added support for XML files
  • Updated ZIP DLL support to allow zipping files larger than 4 gig
  • Turned off ‘detailLogging’ by default. 


  • Added ability to zip ‘.dat’ files
  • Extracted out the ability to turn off/on all file extensions in the CONFIG file, can’t configure in IISLogsGUI however.
  • Changed reporting data type to BigInt to help calculate larger numbers in email reports.
  • Added functionality to IISLogsGUI in ‘custom-file naming’ to not to require dates in a zipped file.  This allows for a static file name when a file is zipped.  Default is off though.


  • Fixed logging bug
  • Added the ability zip .txt and .bak files
  • Released v1.1


  • v1.0 is released!


-Added an option on the IISLogsGUI Send Mail Report to better clarify mail authentication is optionally and doesn’t have to be configured by default to send to a mail relay server. 
-Changed the password textbox on the Send Mail Report tab to show ***** versus being plain text. 
-Added a second password confirm option on the Send Mail Report tab
-Altered the layout of the *ZipfilePath section located on the Standard Settings Tab to help clarify what exact settings are involved in this setting.
-Set the Monitor ZipFilePath checkbox to be disabled by default.  This only needs to be be enabled when selecting an alternative file path to store the archived files (Option 2 (Using alternative local directory) or Option 3 (Using UNC path).  This option would only be applicable when storing archive files besides in the local directory where they were created. 
-Integrated new version of ZIP component to make zipping files more efficient.
-Fixed two issues with IISLogsGUI (Custom File Naming wasn’t retaining the Year settings and some Checkboxes weren’t remaining checked after configuring a setting.  When re-opening IISLogsGUI the Checkboxes wouldn’t be checked even though the configuration file had a TRUE value.)


-Added one setting to retain only 14 days (can be changed, howerver 14 days is default) to purge archive files after this timeframe. 
-Changed wording on three items in the IISLogsGUI wizard install.
1: – Added working to explain the difference between between The Delete feature and Delete ONLY Specific Directories feature.
– Added label to the Delete Only Directories that will be visible during first install of IISLogs.
3: –  Changed wording from Delete Directories after duration (hours) to Delete Files after (hours). This better describes the setting.

-Changed the MonitoredDirectories (Advanced Dir Config tab in IISLogsGUI) function to be recursive.  This previously would only recurse 1 child directory like C:WindowsSystem32Logfiles would recurse all sub-directories below the Logfiles directory. 
-Revised description on Delete Only Directories tab in IISLogsGUI to from Delete Directories After (Hours) to more accurately describe the function Delete Files After (Hours).  IISLogs doesn’t delete entire directories, only files. 
-Targeting the 1st week of december to RTM IISLogs v1.0.


IISLogs v1.0 is feature complete, the latest build have been uploaded and available.
-Pricing for IISLogs has been announced.   IISLogs is priced per machine ($29.95 for 1 – 25 computers) ($24.95 for 26 > computers).  Enterprise, educational and volume licensing also available (contact [email protected] for more details)
Custom File Naming option has been added.  (Click here for info)
-ZIP performance enhancement added
-Re-named MonitoredEntireDirectories option to Advanced Dir Config
-Moved EasyConfig option to MonitorSpecificDirectories tab, this is the primary method of how directories are monitored.  There was too much confusion between MonitoredEntireDirectories and MonitorSpecificDirectories option so we kept both options.  The MonitorEntireDirectories option is meant for larger enterprises who web servers are imaged or setup the same.  An administrator could setup and configure IISLogs on one computer and then just copy the files to other machines w/o having to re-run setup again and again. 
-Introduced WIZARD-Based installation, this was to help make the installation of IISLogs easier.  This is automatically launched the first time a person runs IISLogsGUI
-Cleared these settings from the default config file. These were previously in the MonitoredEntireDirectories key. (C:Windowssystem32Logfiles, C:WinntSystem32Logfiles)
-Removed c:windowssystem32inetsrvurlscan from MonitoredSpecificDirectories key
-Add the Naming key to store the custom file naming option.  The word Default is the initial value.
-Several label descriptions where changed in the IISLogsGUI winforms app. This should make it easier to understand what the option is.
-Help documentation updated with latest features (available online or download compiled help file)


-Fixed QuickZip coding performance issue. The scenerio was such as if a zip file had already been created and the original log file isn’t deleted.  Another zip file would be created with the same name, this is an un-necessary performance hit.  This has been changed not to create an already created zip file with the same name. 
-Added encrypted to two values stored in the app.exe.config file.  The two values that are stored encrypted and decoded at runtime are mailUID and mailPWD.  These values will appear decoded at runtime in the IISLogsGUI however will be encrypted when saved inside IISLogsGUI.
-Updated help (online and downloadable) file to include information about IISLogs Lite Version.  Our free version, stand-alone EXE that will monitor one directory, ZIP and optionally Delete original log file. 
-Made annoucement introducing IISLogs Lite Version. 


-Fixed bug when using IISLogs to store zip files in alternative locations besides using the “local” option.  The local option stores the zip file in the same directory as it was created.  You can configure IISLogs to store zip files in alternative location either in another directory or a UNC path.
-Fixed bug in the IISLogsGUI when setting the LogDirectoryPath and ZipFilePath to append the slash “/” at the end of the path.
-Added feature to automatically fill in the LogDirectoryPath.  This can be changed later on to an alternative path. The default path is directly below the install path. 
-Changed wording on the “Standard Configuration” tab from Delete Original File to Delete Original Log File
Fixed the layout of the Policy files to display more evenly than in prior builds


-Added Delete Original Log File feature, this allows for the option to ONLY zip files and not delete the original log file.  This provides an option to verify the zip file are recoverable w/o first having the original log file deleted. This was suggested as an additional feature.
-Added two additional agreements that have been added to insure proper testing in a non-production environment before IISLogs will zip and/or delete any files
-Replaced zip component from earlier builds
-Updated documentation providing additional components. 
-Dynamic trial versioning added, ability to upgrade to full version w/o re-installing IISLogs.
-Updated IISLogsGUI to provide additional insure policy agreements are filled before zips and/or deletes are done.
-Added additional security to insure policy agreements are completed before ANY files are touched.  This applies to both file compression and delete events. 


-Fixed a few items in the help file.  Added .bad, .bdr, .bdp that IISLogs can handle.  This is updated in the online help file and downloadable help file. 
-Added reporting functionality to the local machine logfiles to better offer support for enterprise level importing this information to a central database. 
-Fixed problem when a file status wasn’t going to be processed, the value describing why the file wasn’t going to be processed will NOW record why the file wasn’t processed.  This will cause no issues with current build, just when a file that doesn’t end in .log, .zip, .bad, bdp, .bdr will show a blank value in the detailLoggingfile.  This is integrated and will be released in the next IISLogs build.
-Discovered bug in function that determines if logfiles should be rolled over or not.  By design, IISLogs rolls its system logfiles files every 7 days.  The problem appears when the existing log files were determined to be archived and a new log file would be created.  This will cause no issues with the current build, information will continue just log to the existing files. This has been fixed and available in the next IISLogs build.  For now, an eventlog message will appear is such. The following information is part of the event: Message: Input string was not in a correct format.SetupLogging.


-Updated beta bits released, numerous IISLogGUI enhancements including bug fixes, design alterations. 
-Updated online and download HELP files/websites.  This help file includes the updated screen shots of IISLogsGUI.
Since announcing beta program, over 300 downloads IISLogs so far during beta program.
-Updated 123goconfigure2.htm to include new screen shots of IISLogsGUI. 


-Updated IISLogsGUI with one fix, one additional enhancement. Can download JUST the if you have download the 8/31 or later build.   If any question, download latest build, then download the  Will be integrated into IISLogs latest build. 
-Altered the implementation of EasyConfig, moved this item to MonitoredDirectories tab from SpecificDirectories tab.  After further research & testing, this is the place it should be. 
-Added an additional feature call CompressionLevel, this is on the the StandardSettings sub-tab on the StandardConfiguration tab.  This allows for configurable setting when the ZIP feature is enabled.  This setting ONLY applies when a file is being compressed.


-Integrated interium IISLogsGUI into setup files.  The interium release is no longer needed. New build of four files are available.


-Posted an Interium build of IISLogsGUI to offset the bug that was posted.  All someone has to do is download a IISLogs package, install, then download IISLogsGUI updated package. 


-New beta builds available (one – Stand-Alone EXE, 3 – Windows Service versions) – new build fixes two reported bugs.
-Created bugs discussion forum
-made three packages of Windows Service version(Install under SYSTEM account, install under LOCAL SERVICE, install under custom USER (prompted during install)) 
-added feature to customize compressionLevel in ZIP feature.  Will allow levels 1 through 9.  Will be integrated into IISLogsGUI. 


If the logfiles are on D:Logfiles for example and tries to process files in sub-directories below D:Logfiles the zip file is created but zero bytes long and the error says it can’t find the file.  DeleteFile routine works but not zip when files stored on D:.  Issue is un-resolved, but been able to replicate the problem.  If the file is moved to say, c:winntsystem32logfilesw3svc1 and processed the ZipFile is processed.  Only if files are zipped on the D:


-Created another package to offer the option of installing IISLogs Windows Version either by default run as LOCAL SERVICE or LOCAL SYSTEM.  This is available on the Evaluation webpage.   Hopefully Microsoft will get their *bug* fixed with windows 2003 sp 1.  More details here..

Installing on Windows 2003 and running IISLogs on Windows 2003

One feature that we’ve discovered during the beta cycle is there is a *feature* in IIS 6.  When IIS log files are rolled everyday, the ONLY permissions granted to the log files are Administrators and SYSTEM accounts.  Even if you have a non-admin on the parent folder to inherit the non-admin user, the IIS Log file won’t inherit this permission.  If IISLogs files is configured to run as a non-admin (LOCAL SERVICE) and tries to compress/delete the file, it won’t have permission too.   The long story short, you CAN configure IISLogs service version to run as local service but the files won’t be compressed and/or deleted because of this *feature*.  There are a couple of options if you DON”T want to run IISLogs as an Administrator or SYSTEM is to have a script that resets the NTFS permissions on the log files created everyday so the LOCAL SERVICE account can have access to them.  Either way hopefully Microsoft will fix this problem in Windows 2003 SP 1.

Installing on Windows 2000 

The default package originally available from IISLogs was to run as LOCAL SERVICE.  Windows 2000 doesn’t have an local machine account called LOCAL SERVICE (Only available in Windows 2003).  To get IISLogs Windows Service version installed on Windows 2000, the package you’ll need will be the one that installs by default as LOCAL SYSTEM.  After IISLogs install is complete, you can change IISLogs to run as a non-administrator.


-Major updates happening in IISLogs land.  IISLogsGUI is finished and ready for beta cycle. This will provide a greatly reduced time to configure and get IISLogs up and going.  IISLogsGUI includes an updated feature called EasyConfig.  This provides someone JUST to configure specific directories.  If you have a main directory where all your logfiles are stored, you’ll still have to configure this directory to be put into MonitoredDirectories option.
-This could be called a Release Candidate.  No more features are slated for this build, only bug fixes. So maybe beta 1 officially now. 
-Help files, both the compiled and help file website are updated with latested how-to’s including working with IISLogsGUI.


IISLogsGUI has been officially released and packaged into the core setup files. This is a Winforms we’ve been promising! Even though the Icon files are still being worked on! 🙂 Look under Start, Program Files, IISLogs, IISLogsGUI.  You’ll be prompted, select the configuration file and click ok.   No more configuring the app.exe.config file in notepad unless you want too! 
-Extended the expire time on this build to 10/1/2004.  Wanted to get the regular builds expiring on the 1st of every month.
-Still working on updating the online help site to include the IISLogsGUI how-to.  Hopefully in the next day or two, so stay tuned!


-Changed the Windows Service version setup package to run as LOCAL SERVICE by default. 

*Note this requires this account to be granted permissions on configured directories and sub-directories

– Announcement featured on about beta program.  Site run by IIS MVP Brett Hill
– The IISLogsGUI is being developed to assist configuration.  This will be finished up and included in the next few days.  This will be included in the base setup and also will be available as a separate download. 


-IISLogs is ready for alpha-testing, there is are two products (Stand-alone EXE, Windows Service)
*To-do’s currently being worked on
-Winforms configuration GUI (currently being worked on)
-Clear up extra Application Eventlog messages – currently when a message is posted to the event log this text is included in the log message  – “The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( Application ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event:”
-Refinement of the email report formatting.
-Have successfully packaged IISLogs service component into an MSI package ready for distribution.   I still have to package the console application as an msi but that isn’t that big of deal.  The only left to-do before the beta is put finishing touches on the *admin* winforms application to manage the app.exe.config file.
-Identified in the email report the need for a primary key to help identify accurate numbers if the IISLogs process is ran more than once a day.  This won’t be too bad to enhance and will also lend to the central based reporting feature.
-Updated IISLogs to run as Console Application and/or a Windows Service
-Based on feedback, updated email report to more of a summary. 
Here is a sample daily email report

Here is a daily IISLogs report for computer: WEBBOX
Number of Directories Processed: 285
Total Number Files: 6750
Total Number Files Changed: 2
Size Before Processing: 141249
Size After Procesing: 141247
Start Time: 8/1/2023 5:59:42 PM
Finish Time: 8/1/2023 7:09:43 PM
-Deployed first .msi package to external test machine, installed the service and testing is on-going.  Will monitor for a few days.
-Began working on having the ability to configure IISLogs to update a central database with information.  This feature would provide would provide med/large enterprises for a central reporting option.  Began working on the physical data model to have the capability to report on 100’s of machines.  this feature is targeted to be after the first beta goes out.
-Update versions –
Console application – 1.0.1674.5431
Windows Service – 1.0.1674.5432
-Added the ability to service .txt file extensions.  Previously ONLY .log and .zip files would be compressed and/or deleted.  This was added to have the ability to process IMAIL logs.
-Altered versioning scheme based on further information discovered on how VS.NET does auto versioning.
-This build is – 1.0.1669.1221
-Alpha release has been running for 5 days without issues on test/dev machine
-Adopted version naming scheme
-This build will be the first to use the version naming convention listed below. 
Features added
-Add Email Class to handle reports and emails
-Integrated Daily Email Report to one email address
-Add appropriate configuration settings to support Email features
-Added configuration setting to separate the IISLogs deleteRetentionPeriod.  Each *feature* (IISLogs, SMTP, DeleteOnlySpecificDirectories has their own configurable Delete Retention Period. ConfigurationSettings are labeled (DeleteRetentionPeriod, smtpDeleteRetentionPeriod, delOnlySpecificRetentionPeriod)
-Add a class to allow for specific directories to be monitored to have JUST their files deleted after a configurable setting.
-Added configurable log archive date setting

-changed logging for smtp, error, detail logging from naming convention to have log to a single file however can be archived after X number days based on a configurable setting.  – Default is 7 days for now.
-changed the dateTime column in the delete, detail, error, summary from a DateTime (System.DateTime.Now.ToString()to System.DateTime.Now.ToShortDateToString().  Will help for Email Summary reports and if integrated into RDMS.
-Changed Logging format from a daily log for the delete, detail and error logging files to a single file that will be archived after X number of days.
-renamed smtpLogging.txt file name to deleteLogging.txt file.  This will track files deleted from the SMTP and DeleteSpecificDirectories options. 
-Component Annoucement
-Announcement on
-Fixed summaryLogging.txt function

* —————————————– *
* Steve Schofield – MCP, CCA
* [email protected]
* Microsoft MVP – ASP.NET
* —————————————– *

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