Adding or Editing an Automatic Response

Adding an Automatic Response

Use this page to set up an automatic response so that each time you receive mail, a prepared message is sent back to the sender. This feature is activated when you enter text in the Message box. (In other words, if the Message box is empty, no automatic response is sent.) Compare this feature to the Vacation feature.

  1. Enter Main as the mailbox if you want all incoming mail to receive the automatic response. (If you want the automated response to be activated only for a particular mailbox, select the mailbox name.)

  2. If, in addition to sending an automatic response, you want to forward incoming messages to another user ID, enter a mail address. For example, you can forward messages to your assistant, or to another mailbox besides Main (by entering the forwarding address as yourUser ID-othermailbox).

  3. In the Message box, enter the subject and message to be returned to all senders who send mail to this sub-area. The first line of the body of the message is used as the subject line for the automatic response. It must be less than 80 characters. The rest of the message will be sent as the body of the automatic response. It must be less than 1024 characters.

  4. Click the Save button.

Note: To prevent automatic responses to bulk mailers, an automatic response is not sent if the original message contains the Precedence: bulk header. To prevent automatic responses to list server mailing lists, automatic responses are not sent if the original message contains imailsrv in the mail address.

Editing an Automatic Response

To edit an existing automatic response, select the mailbox (usually Main), make any necessary changes, and click the Update button.

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