IISLogsLite 2.0

IILogsLite 2.0 version offers the ability to ZIP files and optionally delete the original log file.  This version is written using .NET 2.0 Framework.  IISLogsLite 2.0 has new features including the ability to "automatically" add WWW, FTP and SMTP folders defined in the metabase.  You can also add your own folders.   This version will handle file extensions ending in ".log", ".zip", ".bdr", ".bdp", ".bad", optionally ".xml". 

Instructions for Configuring the "Auto-Add" option

Note: If you are enabling the ZIP and Delete Features, you will be prompted to agree to the ZIP and Delete policies.

Initial Configuration with IISLogsGUI

This section uses "EasyConfig" to configure IISLogs Lite 2.0

Optionally – You can store log files in the original folder or an alternate directory