IISLogs component overview

Executive Summary

IISLogs is a program written using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It’s developed to help effectively manage all log files related to Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0. No more writing and supporting your own custom scripts.  There are two products to chose from, (Stand-alone EXE or a Windows Service version). IISLogs is developed to automatically compress, copy and remove log files on a scheduled basis. In keeping with best practices for a secure IIS server, IISLogs by default runs in a low privileged account (LOCAL SERVICE) and does NOT require administrative privileges.  Install, Configure, Forget!

Technical Overview

Information Technology professionals are always being asked to do more with less, one of the biggest challenges in companies is day-to-day systems administration.   If a company is running servers with Internet Information server, log files are usually being created every day.   IIS does not provide a built-in mechanism to manage log files, this is where IISLogs comes in.    One of the industry practices is to have the operating system on one partition (C:) and data on another drive (D:).   This means the C: drive is specific one size and the D: is much larger to hold data and log files.  The default setting in IIS uses %SYSTEMROOT%system32Logfiles, this means the log files are on the same partition normally reserved for the operating system.  If left unattended, this could fill up the OS partition and cause issues.   Medium/Large companies and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) normally would customize IIS to store log files in other file locations.  IISLogs is flexible enough to handle custom directories.

What does *Manage* log files mean?
IISLogs compresses, copies and/or delete log files on a scheduled basis.   How often is left up to the person configuring IISLogs. 

How does IISLogs benefit me?
This provides a secure, configurable and flexible solution to help keep log files from taking up entire hard drives.   IISLogs can be used for other 3rd party programs log files too. 

How hard is IISLogs to configure? 
IISLogs is very easy to configure, there are two methods;   First, IISLogsGUI provides an easy Winforms program.   Secondly, for advanced individuals, ALL settings are stored in one configuration file.  This can be easily edited with your favorite text editor (Notepad, PFE, etc..). 

How secure is IISLogs? IISLogs Windows Service version can be setup to run as LOCAL SERVICE, the process jus