Advanced Topics

IISLogs v1.0 is targeted at helping manage and recover disk space on local servers, testing has been performed in storing the compressed files in the same directory they were created in and/or moving to another directory on the local computer that the log file was created. 

Storing log files on a central based file server
One of the features of IISLogs is to store log files on a central file server, this feature is very powerful and requires a detailed knowledge how your network is designed and maintained.  Once IISLogs determines a file needs to be compressed, it first compresses file locally before attempting to save the compressed file on a different directory path, partition or a remote network share.  When dealing with large compressed files and putting on a remote file share, this can have unknown consequences on your network performance.    For IISLogs v1.0, before taking advantage of this feature, please contact [email protected] to verify all items have been discussed on this feature.  We strongly recommend complete testing in a controlled environment bef