530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible, FTP 7.0 user isolation and Process Monitor

Tags: IIS, FTP, ProcessMonitor

I was trying to reproduce an issue posted on the forums @ (http://forums.iis.net).   As with many posts, I mention use Process Monitor.  Here is a perfect example. 

  • Find out what PID (process ID) in task manager
  • Open Process Monitor and isolate the PID (This helps cutdown on noise)
  • Reproduce the issue. (In my case, notice the highlighted line, it’s looking for c:domainsftprootssuser1).  I have the FTP 7.0 service running on a domain controller.  It means I need to create the SS (NetBIOS name) as a virtual directory for user isolation.  I don’t recommend running FTP on a domain controller, so this is for demo purposes.  PS: Once I added the SS virtual directory, I was able to use FTP user isolation.

Here is an article how to setup FTP 7.0


I thank Mark for creating Process Monitor!


Steve Schofield
Microsoft MVP – IIS