vRA 7.2 helper install scripts

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Names of scripts

  • install-prereq-iaas-web-mgr-vRA72.ps1
  • install-prereq-dem-vRA72.ps1


I support VMware vRealize Automation in my current role.  When installing the product, it has gotten vastly better than previous versions.   The helper script were written for version 6 (known as vCAC).  One of the scripts was published by Brian Graf, and is great for machines hosting the IaaS web roles, manager service.  I added a second script for DEM worker role machines.  My implementation uses an Enterprise HA install.   I have four windows servers (two for IaaS web and manager service roles, two for DEM / Agent). 

I’ve use the scripts to help speed the install wizard.  vRA 7.2 has a “Run / Fix” for pre-req’s on windows machines.  When I setup my IaaS windows machines, I’ll also run the helper scripts beforehand.  (And take a snapshot).   When going through the install wizard, the pre-req checker step goes faster. Here is the screen I’m talking about.  I’ve done Medium Enterprise and Minimal installs.

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Thanks Brian Graf for publishing the original script.


Steve Schofield