Locales and Globalization in .NET applications.

I am writing another IISLogs utility that will allow people to move files on the same disk, via a UNC path, or FTP (both SSL and non-SSL).  One of my main goals is to make this flexible for anyone to move their files around, especially securely using FTP.   Unfortunately making an application both flexible, secure and use across multiple ‘locales’ is proving to be a challenge.  This is an on-going post to track some resources, articles and advice on this topic.  The utility is pretty much written with the main logic complete.  The final goal is to make it as language neutral as possible.  .NET 2.0 offers many benefits on this I’m hoping.   If you have some tips/tricks drop me a line at info@iislogs or [email protected]

Steve Schofield
[email protected]

Microsoft MVP – ASP.NET