Had enough of spyware, viruses for this week!

I’m so tired of cleaning peoples machines full of viruses, spyware.  Here is a bit of advice, i’m doing this major product i want to sell and all i get is from my family.  “Steve my pc is running slow, can you take a look at it?”  I love my family and this is easy work but teadous.  First thing I do is download and AVG software (http://www.grisoft.com), secondly I download, install and run Spybot Search & destroy (Spybot-Search-Destroy.  This little utility is plain awesome! third thing is install the google toolbar (http://www.google.com), blocks pop-ups until windows xp SP 2 comes out RTM.  Forth thing I do IF its Windows XP Pro is on the HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun registry is make it read only.  Even if your a regular user and NOT an administrator on the machine,  people stupid enough to install the ad tracking aka spyware programs they write their crap here.  Make this read only and see if those darn pop-up thingies like msbb.exe and all the other crap.   Consider this little column saving you at least $40 dollars, if you feel so inclined ? go ahead and send me money!  Just Kidding! ?     What do you use when cleaning others machines?