W2k8 R2, Hyper V and Sysprep

I recently bought a shiny new home desktop machine ( 6 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive) to act like a server at my house.  I installed W2k8 R2 Enterprise, added Hyper-V role.  My goal was to be able to create VM’s for testing ‘stuff’.  I wanted to create one base image, sysprep and make copies when I wanted more machines quickly.  I’ve used VPC 2007 to create one image and copy / paste the VMC and VHD files.  Hyper-V is not quite that simple (yet).  Here are the steps I used.

  • Install w2k8 r2 on the host machine

  • Add Hyper V role

  • Create a new VM to act as the base IMAGE

  • Mount an ISO version of your favorite OS (windows 2008 or R2)

  • Load the OS

  • Run Sysprep (/generalize switch enabled), Shutdown

  • Inside Hyper V manager, Export to a alternate location

  • After Export is done, copy the entire folder to your permanent location

  • Inside Hyper V manager, import the VM you copied.

  • Rename to a friendly name.

  • Fire the new VM up, run through the sysprep process and poof!

  • Make sure you chose “Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID)’ option, this is not the default.

Another tip / trick I did on my base image (first VM) I created was after I was done, I renamed the image in Hyper V manager, because when you import, the name is retained when exporting.  This helps preventing the same name VM listed in Hyper V manager. 

Here is a good article that helped me figure out using export option.


.BasePermissions enumerations options in Microsoft.SharePoint.SPRoleDefinition

I was trying to add a new permission level to Sharepoint 2007 and needed to know all the enumeration options.    Here is the list… 

Specify one of the following enumeration values and try again. The possible enumeration values are “EmptyMask, ViewListItems, AddListItems, EditListItems, DeleteListItems, ApproveItems, OpenItems, ViewVersions, DeleteVersions, CancelCheckout, ManagePersonalViews, ManageLists, ViewFormPages, Open, ViewPages, AddAndCustomizePages, ApplyThemeAndBorder, ApplyStyleSheets, ViewUsageData, CreateSSCSite, ManageSubwebs, CreateGroups, ManagePermissions,BrowseDirectories, BrowseUserInfo, AddDelPrivateWebParts, UpdatePersonalWebParts, ManageWeb, UseClientIntegration, UseRemoteAPIs, ManageAlerts, CreateAlerts, EditMyUserInfo, EnumeratePermissions, FullMask”.”